Toward gamification? – 2

Conference “Toward gamification ? Game mechanics outside game” (March the 3rd 2011) Summary Part 2

Josselin Perrus focused his speech on use of badges.
A badge is a social indicator : it’s a way of learning information about people’s type (eg. Top-rated Sellers icon on eBay).

Badges could be organized in hierarchy or in category. Category enables to distinguish users, and if the social indicators are well chosen, there could be a “mirroring effect” ; the user would want to improve his own image. Besides category limits content, only relevant information is displayed. Whereas hierarchy bores users, they grow tired of competition, and to heap badges could trouble reading information.

Good social indicators could be a solution of differentiation, to remind you of yourself rather than to show yourself. The more you could express your own identity, the more you could attempt to get to the identity you want.

Philippe Gargov talked about links between game and city and improvment possibilites. He saw three issues : public debate (city 2.0), good practices (livablecity) and social innovation (wikicity).

City 2.0 : there are already some immersive 3D environments (displaying real urban areas), or service to collect ideas, but P. Gargov identified a need of game workers experience to lead citizens to give their opinion.

LivableCity : to promote good practices (eg : Chromaroma encourages users of the London Undergroung to walk more, Yahoo ! Bus Stop Derby helps to increase public transport attraction by eclipsing waiting time.

WikiCity : or how use the user’s experience in service production. With public data opening (Paris recently) it’s now possible to create services which matches to specific needs, developped by external developpers.

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