Transmedia London & Bafta

Last Tuesday I attended a Transmedia meetup/talk at the Bafta, I went to another in January and both times it was really great. There are (very interesting) speakers who are talking about a crossmedia project (or more) they are working on, so it’s extremely practical and as they are from different backgrounds (could be game developers, writers, project managers, film directors…) it’s a fascinating panel of experiences and viewpoints.

During the last talk, the three speakers were Heather Taylor (film writer and director), who is working on Raptured a web series about a rapture going wrong (and she’s looking for help to make the season 2), Hilary Perkins (Multiplatform Commissioning Editor for Drama and Film at Channel 4) who worked on Dreams of your Life a very adult, sensitive and serious multiplatform experience, developed by Hide&Seek, to support the film Dreams of a Life (talking about the death of a 38-year-old woman found only 3 years later), and Louise Downe (service designer) who worked on games, films & interactive installations.

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