TransformatLab / Week 1

The TransformatLab is a four-week traning programmme (over four months and three countries) of workshops, masterclasses, development labs, networking events and studio visits, about transmedia. During this lab nine students have the opportunity to develop their own cross-platform project (by team). I’m one of the lucky participants and last week was our first days in the lab, in Wales at Newport University.

The first week was about having an overview of what transmedia actually is and also getting to know the other participants and starting to throw some ideas for our forthcoming projects. The speakers (from the BBC, Channel 4, Power to the Pixel…) were all very passionate and captivating and talked about various issues such as business model, IP & Copyright, budgeting & scheduling, pitching… (Full programme and biographies here) And through these presentations we also have a peek at several case studies, showing the diversity of what crossplatform projects could be.

It was extremely interesting to have this insight from professionals on projects touching every media, I saw new sides of transmedia I never really come across (my experience is essentially web and game related), so seeing projects based on films or talking about the BBC iplayer as a cross-platform service was really constructive and allowed me to have a better understanding and a wider and more accurate (I hope!) vision of transmedia.

And next week we’ll be flying to Budapest!

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