TransformatLab / Week 4

The fourth and final week of the TransformatLab was mainly focus about finishing and rehearsing our pitches, but we also visited Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed in Bristol and had a masterclass about “10 Things we’ve learned about multiplatform” at Aardman Studios (and had a peek on really really really cool puppets).

The four projects developped during the lab:

Story of wants to raise awareness on objects we use every day but don’t pay attention to (like doorhandles), by creating an artistic platform where everyone can submit their works (about one of this objects). By Manja Lekic, François Morisset and Marina Roel.

Heaven Project is a storytelling tool based on HTML 5 to explore the possibilities of interactive music video and multiple viewpoints: while watching the video the user can switch from points of view to see the story from different angles and have his own experience. By Daniel Cripps and Selim Gungor.

Xhibitor is a multiplatform research project investigating and archiving transmedia and art exhibitions, with ebook, database, toolkit and visual maps, and it’s now online! By Julia Fryett.

Tasty is a delicious and pervasive food city game, to discover a city through its food, with one mobile app (and geolocated enigmas), one website and one treasure hunt. By Oriane HurardCamille Lequenne and me.

We pitched twice this week, during the first pitch, we received great feedbacks and wise suggestions from the judging panel (Kevin Moss, Playthisnext, UK, Erica Wolfe-Murray, Lola Media, UK and Pablo Nunez,, Chile), so we could improve and refine our presentation to be absolutely ready for the last pitch.

The final pitch was in front of Louise Brown (Channel 4), Tishna Molla (Power to the Pixel), Dai Banner (Wales Interactive) and James Bearne (Sequence). Very intimidating but definitely a great experience! Thanks to David Tardiveau, one of the mentor, we had a running (mockup) demo of the app on iPhone and everything went pretty smoothly. The were very interested by our project and gave us encouraging comments about the relevance of the project and the possibilities of developing it.

They selected our project as the winner of the pitching session, so we were invited to the conference day of Power to the Pixel in October in London!

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