TransformatLab / Week 3

The third week of the TransformatLab programme was in Paris, at Gobelins school. The main purpose of this week was to go deeper in our projects and to focus on the user (who is she/he, why is he doing this, when, how…).

The first day we began with a great masterclass by Antoine Visionneau (Information Architect) and a intensive workshop with Pauline Gomy (screenwriter), to help us to develop our projects around the user experience. Lot of ux storyboards and personnas on the walls!

Free online mockup tool:

Then we had a great masterclass and workshop with Juan Estupinan (co-funder of Wigoo) about digital publishing (essentially for mobile devices). The speaker was a real expert in this field and it was fascinating to see how the publishing media evolve and how they could be enhanced by digital media. And we made our first steps with Adobe InDesign and the Adobe Content Viewer app; really easy to begin with, powerful, and very efficient to have quickly a nice demo running.

To learn more about digital publishing (in French): (by David Tardiveau, one of the mentors)

The last big part of the week was a 2-hour pitching session of our projects to French industry people (4 pitchs: 10min pitch + 20min for feedbacks/questions). Having real feedbacks and inputs from professionals was really motivating, it was great to see how people reacted to our project, to know what they didn’t understand, what they liked or didn’t like…, and they were full of ideas and suggestions! It was a bit exhaustive (2 hours) but extremely helpful.

For the last day we had a masterclass by Jade Raad from Channel 4 about monetisation for crossplatform. I didn’t know much about it and it was very interesting to see how creative this field can be. She told us about the different strategies she used to promote a product or a brand, the importance of the research to be always aware of the new tendances, the evolution of the dual screen… And she also did a quick surgery on our projects in term of commercial viability which was absolutely great.

Which let us with 7 weeks of summer & project development before the final week in Newport…



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