TransformatLab / Week 2

Last week was the second week of the TransformatLab programme, in Budapest at the MOME. This session was more about seeing concrete but innovative applications, especially with non-standard interactions.

We visited the studio Kitchen Budapest (who does very nice things like a Snake Charmer, a snowman to hug or subjective mapping) and had demonstrations of Arduino, Kinect and OpenSoundControl. Fun examples of what Arduino is capable of:

But the main event of the week was the setting of the teams and the beginning of our projects! There are four projects with very different and interesting directions: art, interactive video, reflection about objects, city game… We are three in my team: Camille Lequenne will be the producer, Oriane Hurard will be the project manager and I’ll be the creative one. Our delicious project will mix: city, food, ARG, online game, live event… Can’t wait the Paris sessions to develop it more!

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