the Museum of Unnatural Tim Story

first year gobelin project :

subject was “follow in your favourite artist’s footsteps” : we must present him/her through our vision.

My project is a museum-labyrinth about Tim Burton : museum part allows me to show his work (but also to select the works I want to show and the links I make between them by choice of their arrangement). Labyrinth side allows me to show my way of feeling Tim Burton (prolific, nonlinear, unexpected, surprizing).

I made the design, graphics and development,

video parts belong to Tim Burton,
and music is “Midnight Letter” by Dionysos.

Every museum’s room matches to a Tim Burton’s theme. There are ‘official’ rooms and also secret and forbidden rooms, with mischievous residents.
In hall entrance you are welcomed by a witch-guide. You should choose a visit with a title of a Tim Burton’s movie. Guid will go through museum with you, by explaining link between movie (visit) and themes (rooms).

Rooms are linked to eachother by (biting and walker) doors, by secret passages to discover and by works. If you get too close to a work, or if someone pushes you into, you fall into a work and then you are going to walk work by work, until one decides to spit you out in a room.

Guide protects you as long as you show respect, but if she finds you are too moderate she may push you into a work or leave you alone, to see your survival abilities. If you provoke her, she may put a curse on you or lost you. Then you are at the mercy of Museum and its residents.
Some may only play with you, others (gambler people) may challenge you. You have a tiny bag to protect you, with chocolate, mirror, scissor and dices.

Follow the guide and get lost.

presentation (pdf)

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