TransformatLab / Week 2

Last week was the second week of the TransformatLab programme, in Budapest at the MOME. This session was more about seeing concrete but innovative applications, especially with non-standard interactions.

We visited the studio Kitchen Budapest (who does very nice things like a Snake Charmer, a snowman to hug or subjective mapping) and had demonstrations of Arduino, Kinect and OpenSoundControl. Fun examples of what Arduino is capable of:

But the main event of the week was the setting of the teams and the beginning of our projects! There are four projects with very different and interesting directions: art, interactive video, reflection about objects, city game… We are three in my team: Camille Lequenne will be the producer, Oriane Hurard will be the project manager and I’ll be the creative one. Our delicious project will mix: city, food, ARG, online game, live event… Can’t wait the Paris sessions to develop it more!

TransformatLab / Week 1

The TransformatLab is a four-week traning programmme (over four months and three countries) of workshops, masterclasses, development labs, networking events and studio visits, about transmedia. During this lab nine students have the opportunity to develop their own cross-platform project (by team). I’m one of the lucky participants and last week was our first days in the lab, in Wales at Newport University.