We participate in Ganuta ‘contest’ (multimedia contest). If you enjoy Luna, don’t hesitate to vote for us! (:

article about Luna

An article about Luna is released on CanardPC (french magazine about videogames, n°217, special summer edition).

game show

This is the end of our projects in Gamagora. On Monday (7th) we will have a private oral defense of our projects, and on tuesday a public “game show” will be in a lecture hall at Lyon II University.

Game show schedule (June 8th) :
18h30 Reception
19h00 Opening (Master of Ceremonies : Olivier Masclef)
19h20 Show of the 4 projects
20h30 – 22h Cocktail party + demonstration

Free admission

Luna – alpha

Alpha version of Luna is online. The two first worlds (9 levels) and 3 bonus levels with special blocks (cloud, ice, fire) are available. We want to have feedbacks from players about gameplay, level design, graphic design, difficulty… (a form is under the game). The game isn’t finished, and some features are not final, but all ideas, comments, suggestions interest us, in order to finish our game as well as possible.

The game (in french)

Soul Bubbles

Soul BubblesMekensleep

For Luna project, I’m searching games to consult, and Soul Bubbles is a very interesting example, for progress, balance between pleasure and difficulty, cohesion between worlds (which have nevertheless specific identities).

Plants Vs Zombies

As lead level designer on Luna project, I’m creating some ‘tools’ (gameplay ideas list, ‘protocol’/workflow of level’s production…) in order to assure consistent levels, progress of difficulty…

Luna – professionnal followers

Every ‘final year’ project is followed by professionnals, to help and advice students.
Our project is followed by Pierre Pradal (project manager, game designer, multimedia author), Awen Limbourg (programmer, Ivory Tower), Damien Briatte (director, les Tanukis).

Olivier Masclef (WideScreen founder) plays the part of the ‘client’ to be sure that project progresses and to make us more professional.