püsh – augmented reality

For Püsh, we developed a buzz website with augmented reality.

User would find marker on an exhibition’s flyer, and when he’d go home, he’d connect to website to start ‘adventure’. He’d discover the ‘prophecy’ which would guide him during visit in museum until end of story on multitouch table.

video of website :

end of Gobelins

Yesterday there was graduation of the CRM7 class, so i’m officialy ‘Gobelin graduated’, these 2 years, prolific but arduous are done.

Next !
web tv of CRM8 Gobelins

püsh presentation

For our oral presentation, we chose to show our project as if a cultural tv show was talking about ; with presenter and guests -members of püsh team- punctuate by live demonstrations and tv reports.

Video of presentation of püsh design : Introspection (based on french/german tv show of Arte channel)

the Museum of Unnatural Tim Story

first year gobelin project :

subject was “follow in your favourite artist’s footsteps” : we must present him/her through our vision.

My project is a museum-labyrinth about Tim Burton : museum part allows me to show his work (but also to select the works I want to show and the links I make between them by choice of their arrangement). Labyrinth side allows me to show my way of feeling Tim Burton (prolific, nonlinear, unexpected, surprizing).

multitouch table

The table works with a camera, infrared leds and an overhead projector, and has build by Hilabs society. Application is in flash, with touchlibAs3 librairy which manages finger’s recognition.

video of the application: