UX, UI design

Context: Open source project / Contributor

Analysing the previous homepage, understanding the pain points, defining the website main goals & redesigning the home page to improve the user experience

> GitHub ticket
> Website


illustration, vector design

Context: Personal project / Designer / Illustrator

To learn and practice illustration and vector design, I’m working on series of stickers, inspired by Japanese culture and folklore



Context: Workshop project

Cross-platform game (app + website)
Tasty in a pervasive food city game, to make users discover their city through its food
– design of the idea
– mockups
– pitch in front of workers from the cross-platform industry (from Power to the Pixel, Channel4…)



design, flash development

Context: School project / technical responsible / developer

Cross-platform project: game in museums
Püsh is a cross-platform system to explore museums exhibitions in a new and playful way. Teams of friends will play their way through an exhibition and share their discoveries with each other at the end of the visit.

– ux design (major design issues: management of a group and individuals in a game & setting up of an application in a real environment)
– technical researches: multi-touch tables, mobile technologies (NFC/Bluetooth)
– development of a multi-touch application for interactive table (Flash: TouchLibAS3)
– table/mobile network (Flash, Java, SmartfoxServer)
– test of augmented reality (Flartoolkit, Papervision)