the pantophobe

pantophobia : the fear of everything

During flash class, we should make a (little) game about emotions, by team (an “interactive poetic work”).
Generally we find most of all “positive”, calm, merry games about emotions. So we have chosen to deal with the “darkest”; side of emotions, by focusing on fear.

The game concept is to explore and defeat one’s fears. Player is a character (the pantophobe) who will be face to his fears in a dreamlike world. He will regularly choose to confront or flee from fear. This choice is symbolised by a choice of a path (he will be in front of an intersection between a dark path -fear- or a luminous path -flee-). If he choose to face his fear, he will come on a path where a fear will be symbolised, and he will defeat this fear. If he runs away, he’ll come on a bright and safe path where nothing will happend. At the end of these two paths he’ll come on a new intersection to choose again (there are 5 intersections). At the end of the game he’ll come in front of a tree, which symbolises player’s success. At the beginning of the game, the tree is dead and withered, but every defeated fear revive the tree.

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