Augmented Reality and Ancient Egyptian Skulls

Last Saturday, I visited “Digital Egypt: Museums of the Future at the Petrie Museum. Several displays using new technologies were added to the permanent collection to experiment new ways of exploring exhibitions, with the designers here to explain and help and gather feedbacks at the end of each experiment. Ipads, Kinect, Augmented Reality and more!



This year is over, I finished my internship at Kiniro (flash game with a tree-structure) but I’m still working until the end of november (AS3 flash development and participation in game design).

I took the TOEIC and got 930 (out of 990), which should be an advanced intermediate level.
I’m looking for a job in design (multimedia, video game) or development (flash, web) and I hope find a position in UK or North Europe to keep learning English.


This year I’m student in game design and level design at Gamagora school (Lyon, France). It’s a university education which lasts 1 year and is about game design (production of game concept, writing of game design documents…) and level design (production of map, levels of a game…).

Hello w.

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