Luna – introduction

(final year project)

To prove his love to his beloved, a young boy named Jules, must start a very hard quest : to get the moon. He must go to Luna island, the only place in the world where it’s possible to reach heavens…

püsh – augmented reality

For Püsh, we developed a buzz website with augmented reality.

User would find marker on an exhibition’s flyer, and when he’d go home, he’d connect to website to start ‘adventure’. He’d discover the ‘prophecy’ which would guide him during visit in museum until end of story on multitouch table.

video of website :

the Museum of Unnatural Tim Story

first year gobelin project :

subject was “follow in your favourite artist’s footsteps” : we must present him/her through our vision.

My project is a museum-labyrinth about Tim Burton : museum part allows me to show his work (but also to select the works I want to show and the links I make between them by choice of their arrangement). Labyrinth side allows me to show my way of feeling Tim Burton (prolific, nonlinear, unexpected, surprizing).

multitouch table

The table works with a camera, infrared leds and an overhead projector, and has build by Hilabs society. Application is in flash, with touchlibAs3 librairy which manages finger’s recognition.

video of the application:


Still for Püsh project, we need a server to share data between many devices and synchronize everything, so we use SmartFoxServer.
There is a free version (until 20 connections). I use Pro Version 1.6.6. I had some troubles starting with, it’s not always clear, especially to begin and understand general structure.

Dispatch customized events

For a project using amfphp, I am having asynchronism issues. It’s a website/photos gallery, so I get photo datas (from the database) and load the matching thumbnails. But I can’t know when image loadings will be over or which of them will be the last.

I can give a ‘reference’ from parent to child class, or listen loadings in child class from parent, but in this instance, there is a ‘cleaner’ way to do that : to create customized events.

Double clic (Flash AS3)

I tested MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK listener in AS3. It saves you from creating your own double click listener (and it’s quite useful).
However, it seems that you can use a simple click listener and a double click listener on the same object. When you “double click”, click event is identified on the first click, and double click event on the second.

You can either re-create a double click detection or put a ‘validator’ on simple click detection .
I choose the second solution, with a timer :


Amfphp librairy “links” Flash and a server application.
For Püsh project, I’m going to use it to connect directy to database (by php). It’s faster and lighter than make your own xml exports.

With php you make MySql requests and Flash get results. Furthermore you can test your php file directly in a browser, without go in Flash, and you even make traces (thanks to NetDebug::trace(“”)).

For french speakers, an excellent book by Thibault Imbert (chapter 19 – Flash Remoting).