Toward gamification? – 2

Conference “Toward gamification ? Game mechanics outside game” (March the 3rd 2011) Summary Part 2

Josselin Perrus focused his speech on use of badges.
A badge is a social indicator : it’s a way of learning information about people’s type (eg. Top-rated Sellers icon on eBay).

Badges could be organized in hierarchy or in category. Category enables to distinguish users, and if the social indicators are well chosen, there could be a “mirroring effect” ; the user would want to improve his own image. Besides category limits content, only relevant information is displayed. Whereas hierarchy bores users, they grow tired of competition, and to heap badges could trouble reading information.

Good social indicators could be a solution of differentiation, to remind you of yourself rather than to show yourself. The more you could express your own identity, the more you could attempt to get to the identity you want.


Toward gamification?

Conference “Toward gamification ? Game mechanics outside game” (March the 3rd 2011) Summary Part 1

Nicolas Nova (Lift Lab) : Introduction
Josselin Perrus (eCRM consultant) : Bagdes as social indicators
Philippe Gargov (geographer consultant) : Game and city

“Gamification is the use of game play mechanics for non-game applications, particularly consumer-oriented web and mobile sites, in order to encourage people to adopt the applications” (Wikipedia), or to encourage desired behaviors (for instance to perform chores that people don’t usually like).

Eg : Chore Wars (ARG) suggests real cleaning-tasks as quests, the players are from the same house or workplace, and each completed chore gives experience points.


Playing is working?

Gamasutra published an excerpt from “Reality is broken” by Jane McGonigal, in which she explains that we like games because we can focus our energy and work hard for a task we have chosen. Then she lists the different kinds of work we can find in games and how it affects us (mental work, discovery work, teamwork…)

the excerpt
Jane McGonigal’s website
an other excerpt : Practical advice for gamers


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article about Luna

An article about Luna is released on CanardPC (french magazine about videogames, n°217, special summer edition).

Bugs save the Queen

Bugs save the Queen (one of the 4 gamagora projects 09-10 – 2D Flash graphics in 3D)

In this ‘opposite’ tower defense odious bugs have stolen eggs of ants, in a cartoon universe. At the head of your army of ants, you must destroy nests and towers of your ennemis and keep your Queen safe.

Games Inc.

Games Inc. (one of the 4 gamagora projects 2009-2010 – 3D UDK)

You will be 527, the best employee of Game Inc, one of the millions of backstage-workers who enable videogames to work. Unfortunately the factory is attacked by Mr Bug, and you must block and repair his malicious acts, during mini-games.


Gerridae (one of the 4 gamagora projects 2009-2010 – 3D UDK)

In Gerridae, you are a water strider which moves along a river, in a calm and soothing world. During its ‘journey’, the little gerridae must create waves to overcome obstacles or defeat its ennemies.